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Linger Longer are proud to introduce you to our ladies and to our amazing selection of used
Ladies Underwear. We have 10 amazing ladies (5 under 30 and 5 over 30). Their sizes are ranging from small to
medium to large. Let me introduce you to a couple of them.

Our Number one girl is Daisy. Daisy has been wearing panties for you all at 30,00 feet. She
works in the skies. Our Air hostess Daisy, puts in a 10 to 15 hour round shift in. She creates
the perfect aroma between her legs for you people who want, sweet smelling worked in
Trolley Dolly Thongs and briefs. Daisy spends half her time in the sky and the rest in the
Gym, so look out for her in the Gym worn selection.

While were speaking of the Gym.. We have Rachael. Rachael is what's commonly known as a
Gym rat. She works out morning and evening. She loves the attention she gets , for her
amazing Physique. She is a 40 year old woman with a 20 year old body. The mix of her body
smell and the odour of the sweaty workout in her thongs, will drive you insane. The Gym
wear is definitely an Item that will Linger for Longer. Be quick, because used knickers off this
girl are in demand.

I have a message from Kerry who works from home. She says. I spend that much time playing
with myself while trying to work out my sexuality. I sometimes forget to change my knickers.
So if you want a pair of my well worn panties. Your gonna have to beg.

The latest recruits are 6 wonderful girls from local horse riding school. These equestrian
riders spend all day bouncing up and down in the saddle. These ladies wear a full selection
between them of thongs, briefs, silky and lacy French panties. We can always pre-order your
proffered colours, or if there is something special you want the girls to wear for you. Let us
know and send it in. You will get them back with the linger you desire.

We have Helen and Rebecca who are stunners in their own rights. But they both consider
themselves bored receptionists. They sit around all day dreaming of their weekends of
debauchery. Rubbing and touching the area your craving to smell.

Keep your eye out for more info on our latest ladies and products.
Use the suggestions link to tell us what you want. If your ideas are fun and sexy, we will
consider anything.

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your first purchase and you will get 20% off your next order.

Love from all at Linger Longer

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