Is It Legal To Sell Underwear Online?

Is It Legal To Sell Underwear Online?

September 8, 2021

Some women earn up to £4,000 a month selling old underwear and bras online.

It's right, you read that properly.

If you're looking for a side hustle, or perhaps a regular hustle after losing your job to COVID-19, this might be the thing for you to attempt.

But, although we all know it happens, is it legal to sell old underwear and bras on the Internet?

The answer is yes, it is completely legal, but you must know where to sell them. Some of the selling sites that spring to mind when you think of selling old goods will not allow you to sell sexually explicit items, so you'll have to think outside the box.


So, this is completely legal?
Yes. However, if you sell panties over the Internet, you must ensure that the individual to whom you are selling the item is of legal age. If they are not, you may find yourself in hot water with the authorities. Websites that assist you in selling underwear and bras may check their age, but you can never be certain.

You may want to have a procedure in place to check the user's age before dropping those worn panties in the post. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal trouble, even if you unintentionally deliver panties or bras to children who believe they are of legal age.

It is legal to sell used panties and bras online in the United Kingdom.

How Do I Begin Selling Used Panties Online?

Purchase New Underwear
You may have seen that headline and wondered, "Wait, don't I sell secondhand panties and bras?"

You are, in fact, the solution. However, unless you don't mind giving up your daily more costly underwear to a stranger on the Internet, you should always keep a supply of underwear on hand.

When it comes to marketing underwear, variety is the spice of life. Because not everyone loves the same things, selling just specific kinds of underwear can put you in a bind.

You should buy a variety of panties, but you should also buy them as inexpensively as possible. Don't spend on La Perla unless you have a savvy buyer on your side. Remember that you're trying to earn a profit, and panties are a business cost in this instance.

Having fresh underwear on hand is also beneficial if you wish to engage in traditions, such as selling underwear after going to the gym, running, or participating in other activities. You may sell underwear after wearing it for a session if you have an OnlyFans. Offering bespoke panties is a fantastic way to raise your prices, keep your clients coming back for more, and generate more revenue. Having several sources of income is important since it may provide you with stability as well as the opportunity to cash in on what you're doing and store money for a rainy day.

Where Can I Sell My Old Pantyhose and Bras?
As previously said, you cannot just go on eBay and sell old underwear. Many traditional reselling websites ban the resale of old underwear, so you're out of luck there.

That is why we are such an excellent substitute. We enable you to sell on the site, and consumers come here specifically for that reason. There's no need to worry about making up false tags that others can locate you under or mastering covert language and code. Everything is clear and straightforward.

When selling old underwear, it is critical to maintain consistency in your expectations. Don't begin with the expectation of becoming wealthy right away. You will need to grow your company over time, like with any legitimate business opportunity. It is uncommon for someone to earn money by the bucketload right away.

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