Easy Steps To Sell Your Panties Online

Easy Steps To Sell Your Panties Online

September 17, 2021

What is the most essential marketing weapon in the arsenal of a panty and underwear seller? Of course, social media! Instagram, Twitter, and other major social media sites are among the finest tools for assisting you in selling sexual goods, worn pants, and underwear, but they come with their own set of difficulties.

Many social networking sites, for example, are not adult-friendly and will not enable you to upload nude pictures and videos. Others may suggest your NSFW profile to relatives and friends, so pay close attention to your privacy settings.

This article offers some simple methods for increasing your social media presence and reaching more customers while preserving your privacy.

1. Mark your Twitter account as NSFW.

Twitter is one of the few social media sites that allows for the posting of NSFW material to some degree. Only thing is, you must obey the rules or risk being banned from the site and losing all of your followers.

The first guideline is to label any material that you upload as possibly NSFW. It's really very simple: after signed in, go to "Settings and privacy" > "Privacy and safety settings." Then, tick the option that reads "Mark media you tweet as potentially having sensitive information."

So, what happens if this box is checked? People who have previously agreed to view sensitive material on Twitter will see your tweets as usual. People who did not opt in will instead receive a notice stating that your material on your account is possibly sensitive.

Keep in mind that Twitter utilises automated technology to evaluate whether or not material is NSFW. As a result, if you do not designate your material as potentially sensitive, the algorithms may do so on your behalf. This is the ideal situation. In the worst-case situation, if you upload a live video without marking it as sensitive, Twitter may opt to delete it.

You cannot post sexual material as your profile picture or header image on this popular social networking site. You risk being blacklisted if you do not.

2. Play around with Sharesome.

Sharesome is a new social networking site aimed especially for cam models, but we discovered that it also works well for panties/underwear vendors. It features a Twitter-like layout and enables you to link to your Kinkie profile in your bio, which will help you attract new clients to it.

Topics may help you build your profile quickly. Topics are similar to Instagram hashtags in that each one is about a certain kind of material, such as "lesbian," "threesomes," and so on. People may follow them to find information on that subject.

After you've followed a subject that interests you, you'll be able to add material to it, which will be accessible to everyone else who follows that topic. Remember to always read the rules of each subject carefully before posting in it to avoid moderators deleting your material. Some subjects need having your face visible in the material, while others do not.

Sharesome allows you to schedule posts to save time. Furthermore, the site provides Flame Credits, which you can spend to promote your postings and, as a result, your panty selling company. Fans may tip you Flame Credits, allowing you to get some for free.

You cannot withdraw Flame Credits as actual money at the present, but the platform is working on a solution, so it will most likely be an option in the future.

3. Don't pass up Instagram traffic!

Yes, even partial nudity is prohibited on Instagram, and uploading nude photos may result in your account being deactivated. Nonetheless, this highly famous social media site is an excellent choice for driving traffic to your Kinkie page and other social media channels.

You may only add one link to your Instagram bio. Almost certainly, you'll want to provide a link to your Kinkie profile in this section. When promoting your listings in a post, encourage your followers to visit the URL in your profile. This will assist drive traffic to your underwear selling company. Use the hashtag #linkinbio as well.

You'll be able to add a link to your tales after you've achieved 10.000 followers. You must have a business profile. Simply link the Facebook page you use to advertise your selling underwear company to your personal profile to convert it to a business profile.

Also, remember to include "18+" in your bio so that everyone is aware that the URL in your profile is NSFW. It is critical that you utilise hashtags to promote your posts: you may use up to 30 in each post. You may use famous hashtags like #usedpanties, #usedpanties4sale, #usedmypanties, #usedpantiesforyou, #sellunderwearonline #sellingunderwear #sellusedunderwearuk #sellmyunderwear or search the Internet for hashtag generating applications that will find the top trending hashtags for you.

4. Use extreme caution while using Facebook.

Although Facebook is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) social media sites available, it is critical to remember that it is not suitable for adults. Full nudity and material depicting sexual activities are not permitted, and there is another major issue: the site uses sophisticated algorithms to recommend friends, thus many panty merchants' adult-related accounts have been offered as friends to real-life friends and family members.

As a result, if your family is unaware that you sell underwear online, and you are certain that your colleagues and employer would not approve, we may advise you to avoid using Facebook entirely.

If you truly want to utilise Facebook to advertise your used panties business, we suggest that you use a different phone, not your private one, which stores contacts of friends and family. Also, never establish an adult-related page using your own Facebook profile. Make a new profile with your panty selling persona first, and then make a page.

After you've established a profile devoted to your selling underwear identity, disable facial recognition and picture tagging on both your personal and panties/underwear selling accounts so that people can't tag your adult images with your real name on Facebook.

5. Share panty sales on social media on a frequent basis.

Nothing is more successful in social media marketing than consistent posting. As a result, many social media sites include algorithms that increase the exposure of individuals who submit excellent material on a regular basis. You should publish at least once each day on Instagram. Because the lifetime of a Tweet is considerably shorter than that of an Instagram post, you'll need to publish more often on Twitter. You should publish at least five times each day, but more postings are preferable.

It may seem overwhelming to post several times each day, but it does not have to be. There are many applications available that allow you to plan posts on your preferred social networking site, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and Crowdfire. If you want to schedule Instagram posts, you may use Planoly, which is designed especially for the popular photo-sharing site.

6. Make an Instagram feed that is consistent.

You'll want to make sure everything appears excellent as they scroll down your stream. You may choose a colour scheme for your Instagram feed and stick to it. Choose three to five colours that will dominate your feed and be sure to utilise them regularly in your pictures.

You may also choose a theme to make your feed appear more coherent. For example, you may only be able to upload black & white pictures or photos with a certain filter. Alternatively, you may only upload fetish-themed pictures with associated hashtags.

Preview apps, for example, enable you to rearrange your pictures in the stream to ensure that everything appears tidy.

7. Communicate with other users

Interacting with other users on the social media platforms of your choosing is the greatest method to acquire more followers and, therefore, prospective customers. Never disregard comments, and always return the favour by following your followers and like some of their pictures. Buyers want you to be yourself on social media and to always be nice.

Following other individuals in the adult business is another excellent method to grow your audience.

like other panty vendors, cam models, and dominatrices, and sometimes remark on their posts

As a result, your username will be visible in the comments, and other individuals interested in adult material will be able to see and follow your profile.

Second, apart from the money, establishing close connections with other individuals in the business is very gratifying. You'll soon have your own adult-related support group!

Take use of Instagram and Facebook Stories, which are a simple method to interact with your followers and encourage them to purchase something from you.

You may include a link to IGTV videos to advertise your Kinkie listings, as well as a call to action, so prospective purchasers will be compelled to click it.

You may advertise your goods and get your name out there by participating in adult-related Twitter conversations.

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